Thursday, 8 September 2011

It Feels Like Heaven When You Can Sleep Through The Night

Its been a while between posts lately. To be honest there hasn't been much inspiration to write anything, that is until this week...

Monday 5th September 2011, the day The Horrible Crowes release their debut album 'Elsie'. Brian Fallon's blend of haunting night time music, a deep and meaningful album of hymns for lonely people. When you get into your room late at night, turn out the lights, turn this cd on and crash out and get lost in this dark world that Brian and Ian Perkins have created.

Its been a long wait for this album and but for the odd hitch here and there, (where djs played songs on the radio before they were allowed to do so), the album didn't seem to leak to a great degree until Sideonedummy released songs to Rolling stone and other sites. I'm glad it didn't really leak (not to my knowledge) and I agree with what Brian Fallon said in his blog. If I was a recording artist that had slaved over making something as good as it can be, I wouldn't want it being released until i said so. That would be my right, and those people who say they are such big fans that they have to hear it as soon as possible (even if it is streamed on some poor quality internet site) are just fools. The bigger fans will respect the views of the artists and be patient until the record is good and ready to be heard in its entirety. They won't get any personal thanks for it but I take my own satisfaction in knowing that I have respected the wishes of my hero and that as a whole he will appreciate those who waited.

As far as the album goes I think its genius! But I'm biased. The two songs 'Behold The Hurricane' and 'Go Tell Everybody' are the more upbeat ones and are the tracks that you could see The Gaslight Anthem playing but other than that I think the songs are very different in style to Gaslight (but for Brian's raspy vocals) for those who are expecting more of the same. The majority of the songs seem to be based around heartbreak, broken relationships, cheating girlfriends etc and aren't therefore songs you would play at a party, I really suggest listening something like this in your own time when you can really appreciate the words and quiet whispers on songs such as 'Cherry Blossom', 'Sugar' and 'I Believe Jesus Brought Us Together'. Its not really fodder for your car stereo either. Thats my opinion anyway. Stand out tracks to me are 'Lady Killer'; another break up song with a catchy chorus and 'I Witnessed A Crime'. The organ on the latter really reminds me of The E Street band and works perfectly alongside the bubbly base line. The lyrics in this seem to talk of a relationship that isn't working out and I guess I relate to being with someone where the interest in each other runs out. It may sound doomy and gloomy from all I've said but despite being a heartbreak album, you don't need to be heartbroken to enjoy this album. I wouldn't have thought it was for everyone but Im sure Fallon fans will love it, you can really hear his influences like Tom Waits, PJ Harvey etc.

The day before I received the album in the mail I listened to this hour long interview with Brian Fallon on WBJB radio in New Jersey. A really inciteful interview that any Gaslight Anthem fans may find interesting but also left me champing at the bit... Heres the link, hope it works...

Brian Fallon Interview

As for my own music. My plans were to record all my songs in acoustic demo before building up to a full band album. These plans have been set back by my holiday and then a break to one of my fingers. If you know me you are probably sick of me making a big deal about that right now but my left ring finger can't bend, thus I can't play chords and its really killing me that I can't pick up the guitar and play. Physio says Im about 10 days away, so I guess I'll just play the waiting game and maybe finish a few half written song lyrics ready to record when Im fit again. As it stands I have 10 songs recorded in demo. Here are the titles: Young and Wild, Neon Sign, Were You Thinking Of Me?, The Darkplace, Old Times, Sweetheart Serenade, Road of Life, Its Real, Janie Jones and The Footsteps Of Billy The Kid.  Just to hopefully keep people interested.

Young and Wild is currently on Soundcloud. If you haven't listened any, then please feel free and comment too but be nice ;)

Alex Magrath Soundcloud Channel

My song of the blog this week is predictably The Horrible Crowes and its called 'Lady Killer'  so click this link to watch. Finally I'll suggest that you go out and buy this album. When have I ever been wrong about this stuff before...

The Horrible Crowes - Lady Killer